Industrial Insurance : Why Health And Safety In A Warehouse Is Vital

It goes without saying that warehouses can be hazardous places of work. There can be dangerous machinery, heavy stock, tall shelving etc. It is therefore important to maintain a strict health and safety regime for your employees, and also to uphold your insurance policies. If accidents happen and it becomes apparent that these procedures were […]

3 Tips For Selecting The Right Insurance

The insurance companies in the world range from industrial giants with millions of effective policies to small companies that sell just a few dozen policies every year. So, when you decide to buy a policy, you want the company that is the right for you and that delivers the best service. As a financial expert […]

Find Out How To Purchase The Best Renters Insurance

If you rent a house, protecting yourself must be one of your top priorities. Most rental agreements hold the renter responsible for all damages incurred while in the dwelling. This includes accidental damages and those damages that occur as a result of simply living in the house. You should look closely at your rental agreement. […]

5 Reasons You Should Say Yes To ULIPs

5 Reasons You Should Say Yes To ULIPs

Did you know that many households in India do not buy life insurance policies just because they consider them to be unimportant and expensive? This fact comes out of a survey carried out by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) and reported in a MoneyControl news story. While undertaking financial planning steps, […]

How Much Does A Nightclub Insurance Cost?

The insurance cover of a nightclub depends on its size, location, facilities, and much more. The actual insurance costs can vary from our discussion on nightclub insurance. Let us discuss how much an insurance of a nightclub will cost. General Liability Insurance This insurance covers the cost of third party claims. These claims include physical […]

Why You Should Buy A Property In Costa Rica

Why You Should Buy A Property In Costa Rica

People move to new homes for all sorts of reasons, whether they need a bigger home for a growing family or need to move closer to their new job. However, many people decide to relocate when they retire as a reward for working hard all their lives. If you’re lucky, you may be in a […]

Why It Makes Sense To Have Cat Insurance

Why It Makes Sense To Have Cat Insurance

Your pet cat obviously means the world to you, and if ever anything should happen, it is nice to know that your cat is covered by insurance. More and more pet owners are turning to insuring their cats and dogs, as the cost of treatment can be substantial. There is a range of packages to […]

Do You Need Heating and Ventilation Insurance

Do You Need Heating and Ventilation Insurance?

Outline of Insurances and the Services available Public/Products Liability Accidental bodily injury to any customer, third party and/or damage to property arising during the course of the company’s business up to a specified limit e.g. caused by heating and ventilation installations, use of tools and equipment. Employers Liability You are required to effect this cover […]