Why It Makes Sense To Have Cat Insurance

Your pet cat obviously means the world to you, and if ever anything should happen, it is nice to know that your cat is covered by insurance. More and more pet owners are turning to insuring their cats and dogs, as the cost of treatment can be substantial. There is a range of packages to suit your budget and needs, and with online solutions, sourcing the best deal has never been easier.

Why It Makes Sense To Have Cat Insurance

Accidental Injury Cover

This is the most basic form of pet cat insurance and it covers any treatment costs for an accidental injury. Cats are very independent creatures, and recent studies have shown that house cats travel great distances from their home. Traffic is always a concern, and in some countries, cats have natural predators, so life is a little risky for our feline friends. Curiosity is something cats have in abundance, and that can get them into all sorts of trouble, so it is comforting to know that your pet is covered in the event they suffer an injury.

Accidental Injury and Illness Cover

Just like humans, cats can suffer from a range of serious medical conditions, and this policy covers you for all of the above accidental injury, plus a whole lot more. Some breeds of cats can suffer from medical conditions that are hereditary, and with a comprehensive policy that covers accident and illness, you won’t get any nasty shocks from the vet bills.

Comprehensive Cover

This is the most popular policy, as it covers almost every eventuality. There are exclusions with any type of insurance, and with pet insurance, you can tailor the cover to suit your pet’s needs. Sickness, injury, and vet consultations can be factored in, along with vaccinations and grooming costs, and with the right excess, the policy can cover up to 80% of the vet costs. Some cat breeds are high maintenance and comprehensive insurance can save you a lot in the long term, not only that, your feline friend will receive the very best treatment at all times. Urban life is full of dangers for cats, and as clever as they might be, accidents often occur. Traffic is a major cause of pet injuries, and when we realise that humans also get it wrong when crossing the road, it is easy to understand how a cat might misjudge the speed of a car, especially at night. It is comforting to know that in the event of an injury, your cat is fully covered for any treatment, and with a range of packages, you can select the right protection for your pet.

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Routine Vet Visits

Vaccinations and even check-ups are covered by the comprehensive policy, and as we never know what the future holds, it is wise to cover for every eventuality, even with your beloved cat. Of course, there is an excess, which the customer can select, depending on individual needs, and your total vet bills up to 80% are covered by the comprehensive cat insurance policy.

Your family cat deserves the very best, and in an uncertain world that is full of danger, it makes sense to protect the entire family, including your feline family member.

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