3 Tips For Selecting The Right Insurance

The insurance companies in the world range from industrial giants with millions of effective policies to small companies that sell just a few dozen policies every year. So, when you decide to buy a policy, you want the company that is the right for you and that delivers the best service. As a financial expert […]

Top 5 Secrets Your Car Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You To Know After An Accident

A look at how car accident victims can protect themselves against insurance policy traps, captive agents, pushy adjusters, and low-ball settlement offers Most individuals who’ve been involved in a car accident simply want their auto insurance company to do what they promised them they would do — cover vehicle repair costs,  medical expenses when a physician […]

What Should You Do If You Are Hit by A Car?

What Should You Do If You Are Hit by A Car?

Few things can fill you with a sudden feeling of dread as quickly as being involved in a pedestrian accident — especially if you are the injured party. When you are involved in an accident, you will inevitably feel an adrenaline surge; you may feel confused, shocked, and angry. What should you do if you […]

The Ins and Outs Of Potholes

They are Everywhere, Here Are Some Tips to Take the Bite out of Potholes Summer is just around the corner, and that means something else might be lurking around the corner, too: A huge pothole. Potholes seem to crop up all the time, new ones appear out of nowhere and old ones getting bigger. According […]

The 3 Best Car Insurance Comparison Tools

We all need to have a good car insurance policy to help guarantee that we are covered in the event of an accident. But not only does car insurance help keep us protected, it also keeps you legal while you are on the road. Auto liability insurance is a mandatory requirement in 49 US states […]

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Car

Are you planning to buy a car? It’s exciting indeed most especially if you will buy using your own money! There’s this sense of independence and fulfillment at the same time that you finally reached the phase in your life that you can say that you are capable of buying your own vehicle. Experiencing this […]