Big Ideas With No Opportunity-Opt For THINK BIG Initiative!

If you are young, between 13-25 years of age and have dreams that have a base of strong ideas and thoughts but lack an opportunity and technological support, then probably an initiative with the name of “Think Big” is for you only.

This is a 1.5 million euro program which is not just focused on providing an individual a full-fledged support to turn dreams into reality but it is also aimed at improving a community wherein it becomes easy and comfortable for the people to live in.

Big Ideas With No Opportunity-Opt For THINK BIG Initiative!

Basically, it is aimed at launching ideas and programmes that use technology in order to benefit the places where an applicant lives. All you need to do is to come up with a brilliant idea and the organizers (supported by O2/Telefonica and managed by the National Youth Agency) will provide 300 Euros and support an idea to actually make it happen.

As there is no limit to sky, likewise there is no limit to the ideas. You can come up with some big ideas and get them started not just for an individual benefit but also for a community’s benefit. You can get an optimum level of support, advice and opportunities to make it big with just one single idea.

It gives people an ability to thrive into a digital world. With such a big aim, this initiative has many partners associated with it who work closely with the applicants and people who are ready to make a change in the society, certainly for betterment.

Till now there have been many programmes that were supported by the organizers and still the process is continuing. For the people who are selected, get a proper co-working space, meeting rooms and hot-desks, network, run meetings and events so that they get a proper platform to showcase their work.

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It won’t be wrong to state that this initiative is apt for the people who wish to hone their digital, work, and entrepreneurial skills.

There are many young people’s organizations that are getting associated with an initiative and directly pouring in money to support the cause. In fact, the companies are very optimistic about this programme and are ready to witness the mind power of young people who are unprivileged lacking proper opportunities.

For more details about an initiative, you can get in touch with the experts at O2 contact number and be well informed so that you may not miss out on this wonderful opportunity. The initiative is focused on giving digital support to an individual and giving push to the project digitally with all required actions in right directions. So, for all those who really aim at BIG and want to make even BIGGER in life can definitely think of a BIG idea and contact the organizers.

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