Drivers For Help! Rental Car Services In UAE: Prices, Rules and Specific Points

It is great to have a friend, who can share his travelling experience and answer all your hot questions about rental car services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other best-visiting Emirates: How to hire a car? What are the advantages of renting car in UAE? Is there sense to hire a car? Do you need the international driving license? Of course, you can try to find the information in the Internet. Nevertheless, try to read this article first to be well-informed.

Travelling by Rent Car in UAE: Advantages

  1. This is a great opportunity to be independent to travel here and there over the country, making stops whenever you want. You can sleep well, go to the beach or restaurant for unlimited time. You do not need to follow the excursion route and afraid to fail your excursion.
  2. There are many interesting places in UAE that are MUST VISIT places. The prices for excursion are high and their quality is not always as high it must be. You waste your time for touristic tax, organization questions, with no enough attention to the excursion subjects. You can go whenever you want, stop your car at the big free parking and admire the subject of your excursion to the full. You can easily learn the prices for excursion from the website. You can also buy the excursion online. You have an opportunity to book the bus trip with the audio guide – City Sightseeing (Hop-On, Hop-Off).

Jaguar C-X17 crossover concept in Dubai

  1. Cheap cars for rent (15-19 $ per day). You can compare the price for car with the price for excursion to proof that: the excursion from Abu-Dhabi to Dubai costs for 70 $ per one person and 210 $ per 3 persons. This is the price you can hire a car for 11 days and go over the emirates. You can spend about 40-50 Dhs for petrol and plus 27 $ for renting car. The total price is equal to the price for excursion from the local agency. What a big difference!
  2. Cheap petrol: Actually, UAE is not the country with the cheapest fuel. Nevertheless, the price is rather pleasant, comparing with the European countries.
  3. The drivers are mostly polite and friendly, the roads are perfect, and everything is taken to order.
  4. The road regulations are simple and easy to get.
  5. The country is free from alcohol, drunk drivers. All drivers are adequate and helpful.
  6. The country is almost free from criminal. So, you can drive wherever you want, make stops and leave your car at the free parking.
  7. The country is specially created for driving cars. It is absolutely safe and pleasant to drive here. It is more pleasant to be driver than the foot-passenger. The cars are in priority in UAE.
  8. The most of the rental cars in UAE is almost new, in a perfect condition. You can get the car of 500, 1000 or 2000 kilometers total distance.
  9. If you stay in the hotel, you will have a parking place for free. Sometimes, you have to get your car to the parking place on your own. Sometimes, you should take it to the hotel entrance. There are also many big parking places all over the city (in the shopping malls, at the beaches, etc.)
  10. Finally, UAE took the first place for the level of development of the road infrastructure. What does it mean? It means that UAE boasts with the best roads in the world.
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Sheikh Zayed Road

Rental Prices in UAE

There are two variants. You can hire a car in Dubai by means of one of many rental car services. You can also hire a car beforehand by means of the internet. The most of tourists prefer hiring a car beforehand for not to waste their precious time. What is more, internet services are cheaper. Thus, TOYOTA COROLLA, automatic transmission, costs for 27$ if you hired it by the internet. The price for the same car in Dubai is 50$. There is another example: you can book Honda Civic for a week for price 147$, 21$ per day! Of course, you should also pay for 25 Dhs tax and airport tax. If you take price for big term, the price is going to be cheaper.

It does not matter what emirates you are planning to visit – Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah or others, there are many rental car services. So, if you did not book the car beforehand, you always do it on the go. What about the price? Of course, the price is going to be higher. There are also advantages: you can checks the car and touch it and try it before. It can be very important for the most of drivers.

Bellboy "Park my car"

When You Hire A Car You Should Follow the Procedure:

  1. Fill in the blank with your personal information – name, last name, place you live and stay for the period of travelling. You should sign the rental contract and get your credit card with 750-1000 Dhs blocked (the blocked sum usually depends on the car price and rental service). The blocked money will come back on your account in 4-30 days if everything will be ok with the car.
  2. You are offered to buy additional franchising insurance. It means that the franchising costs nothing for additional fee. Everything depends on you.
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Car Insurance

  1. It is very important to learn the car you are going to hire and check everything beforehand (scratches, crashes). If you noticed something wrong with the car, you have to change it or appoint all car characteristics in the contract. Try to have 2 contract samples. Be careful and scrupulous. Pay attention to the level of petrol. As a rule, you should fill it with the fuel at the moment you give it back.
  2. Try to take the phone number to contact to the rental service every time you need it to solve different situations: breakages, accidents.
  3. Try to define the place where you should give the car back. It is better to appoint this place in the navigator.

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