Family Of Woman Killed In T Bone Crash Sets up GoFundMe Page To Cover Funeral Costs

A woman killed in a fatal car accident at a Northern Spokane intersection has been identified. Heather A. Hope, a 29-year-old mother, died of head injuries sustained in a T-bone crash at an intersection just one block from her home. The Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office has ruled the car crash an accident.

According to Officer Shane Phillips, a spokesman for the Spokane Police Department, Heather was killed when another vehicle rammed into the SUV her fiancé was driving. Her 16-month-old baby, Anastacia, who was also in the car, was not injured in the accident. The fiancé sustained minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital.

The child seat saved the baby’s life. The fatal crash was caused by an uninsured driver with a suspended driver’s license, who ran a red light on Nevada Street and hit an SUV traveling on Garland Street. The SUV rolled and rested on its passenger side, partly ejecting Heather and pinning her underneath the vehicle

Family Of Woman Killed In T Bone Crash Sets up GoFundMe Page To Cover Funeral Costs

Police say that the driver of the car was not injured, and was neither speeding nor driving under the influence. He is yet to be booked since more severe charges might be pursued after investigations are concluded.

According to her family, Heather was a very cautious mom who was obsessed over the safety of her baby. She apparently researched the safest car seat for her daughter for weeks, before purchasing the model that save her baby’s life. It was the safety of the car seat that ensured her baby remained unharmed during the accident. T-bone accidents and personal injury are often settled or litigated by Holliday Karationos, T-bone accidents are a leading cause of car crash fatalities. They occur when one car hits another from the side, usually at a junction or intersection. They cause more deaths and injuries than any other type of car crash.

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T-bone collisions are responsible for severe head injuries and brain trauma. Crumbling doors and broken windows cause fractures and other serious injuries or even death. In some cases, the collision may eject passengers from their vehicles.

These dangerous accidents are usually caused by the negligence of a driver, who runs a red light at an intersection and ends up ramming into the side of another vehicle.

T-bone crashes frequently result in personal injury cases, where negligent drivers are held responsible for injuries, death and any damage to property arising from the collision. To prove a case, the injuries sustained must be the result of negligence by the driver, such as drunk driving, ignoring a traffic light or speeding.

“She lived for her daughter,” Amber Hope, the victim’s sister, said. She has opened a GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses that amounted to $10,000. So far, well-wishers have raised over $6600. She and her mom, Shiela Hope, describe Heather as a person who lived each day like her last. They hope any amount leftover from the fund will help take care of the young Anastacia.

The bereaved family is mourning the loss of Heather Hope, a stay at home mom who spent every minute with her daughter. “Her daughter was her reason for living,” says her sister Amber. “I am thankful, and I know she would be so happy to know that her daughter is still here with us,” she adds.

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