Getting Around Without Driving

Most adults drive. It’s the preferred option for getting around in America, at least as long as gas prices remain relatively cheap. That doesn’t mean all adults with driver’s licenses can drive one hundred percent of the time, though. Sometimes the car is in the shop. Maybe you just moved across the country and are shipping your car to your new destination, and you happened to get there a few days before the vehicle did (this is more likely if you flew to your new home). Plenty of people aren’t allowed to drive for a few weeks after having surgery. It’s a common problem, and there are some common solutions to address it.

Getting Around Without Driving

First of all, check with friends or family members to see if they could help ferry you around occasionally. It’s nice to at least offer to pay for a portion of the fuel costs, although they may not accept. If they won’t let you pay for gas, then surprise them with homemade cookies or some other treat you know they would like. Remember that no one has to give you a ride. It’s kind of them if they want to, but don’t badger them. No one likes a person who feels entitled to favors. If you do ask, make it clear that it will only be for a certain amount of time. Giving them a set end date is likely to make them feel more comfortable about saying yes.

Then it’s time to look into local public transit options. If you live in a small town or rural area, this probably won’t take long, unfortunately. Your options for mass transit vary widely depending on which part of the country you live in. Public transit can have a bad reputation, but it’s often exaggerated. Yes, there are some weird people on buses and subways. Weird doesn’t automatically equal dangerous, however. If you can handle a little weirdness when you go shopping at the mall, you can also probably handle public transit just fine. In the vast majority of cases, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

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After that, you should take a look at cabs and ride-sharing services. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft can be a bit unpredictable, but they’re a good way to save a little money over standard cab fares. If money’s no object, though, and if you really want a luxurious experience, consider calling in a professional car service. Everyone will notice when you pull up to an event in a town car with a chauffer. It’s a great way to guarantee you arrive to your destination as relaxed and well-rested as possible. It probably won’t be something you can do every single day, but it works great as an occasional splurge.

When you do finally get your car back, you’ll be even more grateful for it. It will probably feel like reuniting with a long-lost friend, even if you’ve only been without it for a few days. Not everyone can afford to own and maintain a halfway decent car. Whether your car is fresh off the lot or ten years old, any car that gets you where you need to go most of the time is a pretty reliable one. Don’t take that for granted. And now that you’ve got your wheels back, why not pay it forward and give your friends a lift occasionally? Even if they’re too shy to ask, just offer them a ride if you know they need it. Oh, and when they offer to give you gas money? Just smile and tell them not to worry about it.

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