How to Prepare for Online Rummy Tournaments So That You Win?

The rummy experts always seek challenges to prove their expertise in the game. They seek new avenues to show their brilliance in the game of rummy. That is why the different online tournaments for rummy gamers gain a lot of popularity. However, tournaments are planned for the best gamers and winning it is not really easy. You need to practice, plan and strategies if you really wish to win the game. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare to win online rummy tournaments.

Practice Different Variations of Rummy

It is true that you will be playing rummy tournament of just one variation of the game. However, it is a great idea to practice different variations of this card game before entering the tournament. In turns, play gin rummy, 13 cards rummy game, pool rummy and deals rummy after learning rules for each. Playing different variations helps you think faster. This ability will help you when you are playing cash tournaments.

Time Your Moves

In a rummy tournament, time is crucial. There will be a limit to how much time you can use during each turn. That is why you need to be better prepared for completing the moves on time. You can manage this if you time your moves and see how you can finish your turn within the given time.

Use Jokers Strategically

Rummy is game where the joker can play a very important role in helping you win if you use it at the right time. There are three types of jokers used in rummy games. The first is the existing jokers in the deck. Second is the blank cards present in the deck that maybe used just as jokers. The third is a random card that is pulled out from the deck to play the role of a joker. One needs to use the jokers wisely if he intends to complete the melds, sequences and sets on time.

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Play with Strangers and Learn

There is a great benefit you enjoy when you play rummy game with complete strangers. You know nothing about the opponent’s gaming strategies or how he plans to win the game. This makes you more observant and may also help you learn a few new tricks and tactics. Playing with the same people again and again reaches you to a point of stagnancy where you stop learning anything new. When you play with new faces, you are observant and your mind is active.

Know When You Must Pass

One of the greatest weaknesses of newbies and egoistic players is that they can never pass the game on time. They try to hold on to a bad hand even when they know it is a bad hand. If you wish to be a part of good tournaments and win the game, you must also be willing to pass the game when the hand is bad. This is something no one will ever teach you but you need to learn to avoid major losses. If you pass a rummy game at the beginning, you will be charged minimal points. If you pass midway through the game, you will be charged half the points. It is still better than losing a full hand.

Once you understand all these facts, rummy tournaments will be a cakewalk for you. You will surely win prizes.

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