IPv6 and How Much Can it Improve the SEO of Your Website

IPv6 replaced IPv4 a few years ago, it refers to the concept of IP addresses. Google uses them to figure out which sites are closely related. The reason why IPv6 had to be rolled out was because they were simply in danger of running out of IPv4 addresses.

IPv6 and How Much Can it Improve the SEO of Your Website

We’re not going to say that IPv6 is important for ranking high on Google as keywords and great content, but it’s still something you should take into account.

Why IPv6 Matters at All

IPv6 has also appeared because of the need to take into account home devices that are connected to the online world. You can thank the Internet of Things for this. We’re increasingly seeing IPv6 being used by websites, and hosts are beginning to assign them.

Web developers, for example, may have a C-Block, which is a block of addresses that are similar, for use with their client’s websites. The idea in SEO terms is the same as IPv4: Similar numbers will make it easier to categorize your website.

For a long time, this was one of the most basic SEO indicators Google used to help its bots out. Similar websites always had similar numbers. This applied especially to large corporations with multiple companies under its umbrellas.

But Should You Agonize Over It?

It’s nice to use this SEO signal, but to assume it’s vital is an overstatement. Google is smarter than ever before and they prefer to rely on other SEO signals to categorize websites. You’re not in trouble because you don’t have the right IPv6 number.

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Keep in mind that we only know any of this because of the work of technical SEO experts. Google has not spoken out on the SEO impact of IPv6. All we know is that Google does take it into account.

Will IPv6 Increase in Importance in the Next Few Years?

We must remember that we are still in a transitional period. IPv4 will eventually transition to IPv6 entirely. There’s no way of knowing where we’ll be in a few years. But many SEO experts predict that sites that want an edge will consider IPv6 carefully.

It’s unlikely that we’ll ever hear anything from Google on the matter, but through careful experimentation it’s possible to discover what’s having an impact.

Get a Host that Knows Its Stuff

BelCloud Hosting is one company that understands the need for websites to take a look at their IPv6 addresses. Remember that many web owners aren’t even aware that there’s such a thing as IPv6, so they’re completely behind the curve. If this is something you want to focus on you should take a look at BelCloud’s European Dedicated Servers.

They’ll be able to hook you up with the right IPv6 number, while giving you a web setup that can be geared towards improving the SEO ranking of your brand. And you can expect to take advantage of high reliability and a high level of customer service at the same time.

Have you looked into your IPv6 number?

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