Parking Your Attitude Reduces Lot Violations

When you purchased a parking lot, it seemed like the easiest landlord job in the world.  Hire somebody to collect cash at the booth, or better yet, automate payments and leave the lot to its own devices. However, unpredictable humans make use of your lot every single day and left to their own devices will create havoc at the end of the day by blocking access to handicap spaces and other vehicles.  A pro-active management approach can help your lot remain one that is easy to use, building a positive and returning customer base. One where the use of parking violation stickers is minimal.

Provide Positive Leadership to Your Attendants

Positivity always trickles down from the top. Your attendants will pass along a smile and friendly hello to your customers when the workplace has a positive and responsive leadership. When you reply to questions and concerns promptly, it sets an example for your attendants and clerks to do the same. Customers will be much more likely to ask for assistance and point out deficiencies in the lot when there is an open path of communication. There will be a sense of shared ownership of the space.

Parking Your Attitude Reduces Lot Violations

Interact With Your Clients

Yes, they are in a hurry.  However, they also have worries. Is the lot safe? Is anybody paying attention? When you greet, smile and thank each and every person who enters the lot, they are more likely to believe it is a safe and trusted environment.  People are more likely to share in the responsibility of maintaining any property when they are included.  When you care, your staff will care which in turn means your customers will care.

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Active Monitoring of the Lot

Your clerk may not have the opportunity to greet every vehicle entering the lot, which means there is always the possibility that somebody slipped through and ends up parked in an inappropriate space. Your regular customers will be far more understanding of vehicle placed in a no parking zone if you proactively find, ticket and even tow offenders before the innocent person is inconvenienced.

Parking Violation Stickers Are Not the Only Solution

Simply slapping a violation sticker on the windshield of an errant vehicle is simply not enough. While it alerts the offending driver of their error, it does little more in fixing the problem. Don’t be afraid to actively enforce your publicly posted rules through towing when needed. You will see far fewer repeat offenders and even less new ones when your reputation is firm and consistent in preventing inconvenience to other patrons.

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