The Future Of Video Streaming: Predictions For 2018-19

Since the commencement of Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other video streaming websites the media industry with its widespread and broad wings have been dominated by video broadcasting websites. Prospects look exemplary and if forecasted we can see that there will be an exorbitant rise in the revenue collected by the video streaming industry. This industry has the resources in it to grow every single day. Business related firms have also implemented software in the cloning of certain portals such as accomplishing a Netflix business model and YouTube business models and clones as well. The enterprises till date would provide us a basic idea as to what will the future of live streaming websites by the year 2018-2019. Few things which will drive the video streaming industry in 2018-2019 are stated below.

The Future Of Video Streaming: Predictions For 2018-19


Sharing premium content all across the globe in order to reach out to brand new audiences is surely a godsend. Subscription commodities as well as payment gateways initiate monetization. Bringing an end to the apocalyptic piracy concept is a real plus point going forward.

Legitimate content will be published only post proper consolidation with legal entities. Brand equity will be built and maintained in the coming years.

Not all domains profit equally and content is customarily sold in chunks isolated by factors such as dialects and soil. If these privileges are abandoned slowly then by the means of a comprehensive worldwide augmentation would provide a future upgrade whose estimated valuation will reach the zenith in the next few years. Such an imploding ideology will enhance the speed of competent content proliferation within the next few years.


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Subscription video on demand based models such as the Netflix business model will carry on dictating the concept of business models. Spectators have established the fact that with the advent of better and surpassing digital way of life they are willing to pay more if the content deserves it. Viewers are also interested and have no problem paying for favorable means of entry over their devices. Month on month retail enterprises have been administering an unsurpassed high in the buyers spending more for private devices.

Imposing subscription based platforms such as Netflix used to generate way lesser revenue at the end of the month compared to providers such as DirecTV. During recent times Netflix has made a colossal growth in the yield of revenue and going by the records it will generate an insurmountable profit within the next few years.

The expense to create professional content is still the same as is the demand. Viewers are looking for stellar content which would help them achieve their motives. Users are basically ready to pay any amount from their pockets for their favorite Hollywood flick which they would love to experience sitting on their couch with a tub of popcorn.


In the year 2014 video content allegedly consumed 64 percent of the total internet traffic in the world. According to CISCO reports, by the year 2019 the video industry online with accountable for four-fifths of the total internet traffic around the world. CISCO also states that this inflation won’t only happen due to the fame collected by OTT services, but also the way every individual is connected to it. Around 4 billion people are projected to use internet all across the world in the span of two years.

With the advent of live sports streaming websites and other online broadcasting services, sport enthusiasts can watch any sports content be it live or highlights during any time of the day. Traffic generated from cellular devices will experience a hike up to 66% in the next 4 years since half of the bandwidth consumed by us is from mobile devices such as cellular phones, tablets and iPads.

Some predictions for 2018-2019 done by top notch enterprises are:

  • Video content will take up as much as 80% of the traffic in the whole world
  • Prosperity will be incited by means of OTT streaming, since the new regulation will comprise of 4K videos only.
  • 2019 will mark the zenith of Global Internet Protocol Traffic since it will reach to 100 trillion gigabytes.
  • Each moment will experience videos of a million minutes which is supposed to surpass I.P networks by 2019.
  • The year 2014 witnessed the growth of internet video as much as 47% which is predicted to sprout four times more by 2019.


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Video streaming websites will be the preeminent factor in driving traffic in a few years. Also funds collected from broadcasts will be humongous. Mind boggling statistics presented by elite industries have certainly planted more interest in the minds of investors. Investing in the creation of YouTube clones as well as a typical Netflix business models will definitely earn revenue incomparable to any other service in the market.

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