Tips to Know Before Hiring a Tax Professional Lawyer

A professional tax attorney will pick up for you a system of reducing the tax burden on absolutely legal grounds. Timely counseling will help you to meet any verification with open arms and perfectly verified documents. Thus having decided on the services of a Tax Lawyer Montreal, you will be able to realize the wish that you have. While you earn money your tax attorney replenishes your arsenal of your effective defense. And with any cataclysm, a lawyer’s consultation will be your immediate salvation. In addition, you can expect that lawyers will represent your interests and protect your rights in arbitration courts on claims of tax authorities on the collection of tax sanctions and as well as on such tax disputes.

You can be provided with the following services

It is possible to protect your interests as effectively as possible by contacting a lawyer who will carry out an emergency exit, in case of a search, conduct a legal examination of the actions of law enforcement officers, represent the client’s interests in law enforcement agencies during investigative actions, prepare and submit on his behalf complaints about the actions of law enforcement officers and if necessary they will represent interests in court. Some assistance is

  • Legal examination of the legality and validity of the claims of a criminal-legal nature, as well as specific actions of law enforcement officers
  • Formation of a defensive position and collection of evidence base for the protection of the Client
  • Departure to the Client at a sudden visit of law enforcement officers for the purpose of conducting investigative actions
  • Telephone counseling on proper conduct before the arrival of an attorney
  • Participation in investigative actions to protect the rights of the Client and reduce the risk of abuse by law enforcement agencies
  • Appeal of violations committed by law enforcement officers during the investigation of a criminal case
  • Defense of the defendant’s interests in the court of first instance
  • Protection of the interests of the convicted person in the courts of the appellate, cassation and supervisory instances
  • On the return from the budget of the amounts of overpaid taxes, as well as arrears and penalties
  • Appeal against the decision of the tax authority on refusal to defer payment of taxes and fees
  • on recovery of losses caused by illegal actions of the tax authority
  • In other categories of tax disputes
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Conclusion: time to ask expert help

The tax lawyers will help not only legal entities but also individuals. If necessary, presenting their interests in court in case of claims from the tax authorities for the payment of tax on income from individuals or in resolving other disputes with tax authorities. They will evaluate the legality and validity of the claims of a criminal-legal nature, as well as the likelihood of involvement in criminal liability.

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