Why AngularJS Technology Is Right Choice For Your Business

In this digital era, technology is evolving with every passing day. As a result, businesses and organizations need to update constantly in order to keep par with the changing technology. Recently, the trend of single page website took over the internet and it was with the advent of AngularJS that single page website development improved.

Why AngularJS Technology Is Right Choice For Your Business

What is AngularJS?

Originally developed by MiskoHevery and Adam Abrons in 2009, AngularJS is an open source structural framework with dynamic web application technology. Currently, AngularJS 2.4 version is used in website development.

AngularJS is one of the highly preferred among JS frameworks. Owing to it’s easy understandable feature and compatibility with browser makes it a preferred platform among web developers. However, when choosing the right web platform for your business, it is important that you do your research and make a fair selection for your business.

So, before you step in the market to find the best AngularJS development company, it is important that you know the key features and benefits of the platform.

Let’s start with features of AngularJS development.

  • A powerful JavaScript-based framework that help develop rich Internet Applications
  • Writing client-end applications gets easier
  • AngularJS Development company can hold the MVC pattern for the applications created
  • Open source framework that is used by thousands of developers
  • Completely free

Knowing the features will assist a business in hiring the best AngularJS developer for its organization. Next, comes the advantages- how this JS framework enhances the web development application-

  • AngularJS allows creation of single page websites in a very immaculate fashion. Also, the website maintenance is very easy
  • Is capable of binding data with HTML and provides a rich and responsive output with better experience
  • Provides facility of dependency injections and help in utilization of separation of concerns
  • More functions, less code
  • Supports different kinds of web browsers and smartphones. Compatible with iOS and Android phones
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Here’s why AngularJSdevelopmentis right choice for your business website-

  1. TypeScript based– TypeScript is a strict superset of JavaScript, open source language developed and maintained by Microsoft. Developed on built of TypeScript, AngularJS provides a comprehensive support of ECMAScript 6 Standardization which provides solutions on complex front end application in large projects.

The cleaner syntax and optional typing provides an improvement in productivity.

  1. POJO­– InAngularJS web development application, you can integrate the use of simple data model of POJO (Plain old JavaScript Objects). The alterations can be done directly and can loop over the objects as well. It allows you to write code that is clear and easily understandable by others.
  1. Code pattern is easy– The web application of AngularJS is defined in such a way that HTML is the main structure for design.
  1. Directives are easy– As the framework uses the pattern of HTML, so it can be easily expanded using directives which will add code information with necessary behaviour.
  1. Cross platform– The new version of framework offers a comprehensive support for cross platform solutions. AngularJS help you create applications with modern front end capabilities, zero installation, high performance and offline support.

The version provides a cross platform support- for desktop apps on Windows, Linux and Mac using similar AngularJS methods.

  1. Enhanced performance– “AngularJS 2.0 results have been astonishing with higher speed and impeccable performance in terms of browser rendering, testing, animation and accessibility across all the components” says expert AngularJSDevelopment Company. The framework’s Command Line Interface help build code faster, add components, test and deploy them directly.
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The Final Words-

It is no doubt that AngularJS is a perfect, impeccable solution to your website creation needs available at a competitive price. After knowing the pros and cons of the framework, the next step is to find the best AngularJSdevelopment company.There are a number of companies offering expert AngularJS development services that can help you remodel or create a new website for your organization.

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