Ways To Preserve Cash As A Bootstrapped Start-up

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “runway”, it refers to the total amount of capital on hand, well before a start-up goes bankrupt. Generally, the runway is measured in months. For a bootstrapped start-up that is without venture capital funding; running out of runway could be a serious issue, which limits the decisions […]

Dispelling Home Burglary Myths

Dispelling Home Burglary Myths

Last year burglaries were common place all over rural Ireland. That’s why it’s essential to secure your home and protect your family against break-ins. For a more secure home, read these common myths about burglaries and get the facts to protect your home. Myth: You don’t need a home alarm system if you live in […]

Getting Around Without Driving

Most adults drive. It’s the preferred option for getting around in America, at least as long as gas prices remain relatively cheap. That doesn’t mean all adults with driver’s licenses can drive one hundred percent of the time, though. Sometimes the car is in the shop. Maybe you just moved across the country and are […]

Industrial Insurance : Why Health And Safety In A Warehouse Is Vital

It goes without saying that warehouses can be hazardous places of work. There can be dangerous machinery, heavy stock, tall shelving etc. It is therefore important to maintain a strict health and safety regime for your employees, and also to uphold your insurance policies. If accidents happen and it becomes apparent that these procedures were […]