12 Basic DUI Terms You Should Know When Facing DUI Charges

12 Basic DUI Terms You Should Know When Facing DUI Charges

It’s bad enough facing drunk driving charges and not knowing what the outcome will be.  But then to be bombarded with a bunch of legal terms and acronyms makes the entire process even more stressful. Today we will look at some of the most common DUI legal terms you are likely to hear while consulting […]

Dispelling Home Burglary Myths

Dispelling Home Burglary Myths

Last year burglaries were common place all over rural Ireland. That’s why it’s essential to secure your home and protect your family against break-ins. For a more secure home, read these common myths about burglaries and get the facts to protect your home. Myth: You don’t need a home alarm system if you live in […]

Getting Around Without Driving

Most adults drive. It’s the preferred option for getting around in America, at least as long as gas prices remain relatively cheap. That doesn’t mean all adults with driver’s licenses can drive one hundred percent of the time, though. Sometimes the car is in the shop. Maybe you just moved across the country and are […]

What You Can Expect from The Best Roadside Assistance In Perth

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you’re cruising along the open road. The wind blowing in your car, the sound of your engine humming along, the whole road—indeed, the whole world—unfolding at your feet. That sensation of freedom and feeling of absolute control is one so many car lovers know well, and […]


If you’re going out drinking this weekend, know that one drink too many can cost you upwards of $20,000. That’s the equivalent of a taxi ride half-way around the globe. I kid you not! Twenty thousand dollars is approximately how much your first DUI can cost, considering only the ticket for driving under the influence […]

Why The iPhone Is The Best Phone For Business Use

Smart devices are an important part of the modern business ecosystem, but knowing which device type to use can be tricky to those who don’t keep up. However, with a few basic facts, the choice becomes obvious. Here are the main reasons why your business phone should be an Apple iPhone. Prestige One of the […]