5 Automobiles Rated Safest For Families With Children

We are always on the move. From picking our kids from schools to stopping by the grocery shop, we hardly leave cars in our everyday run-of-the-mill routines. But hundreds of other cars travel too with ours on Indiana’s roads and highways each day. Speeding, driving dangerously or disregarding road conditions can often lead to serious and uninvited accidents. Careless and negligent acts of others can risk you and your loved ones and cause injuries beyond recovery.This is when you will need Indiana car accident lawyers in Indianapolis who are experienced about your legal rights. Craig Kelley and Faultless LLC is one such law firm that can handle accident claims for drivers and pedestrians remarkably well.

Though accidents are unavoidable in certain scenarios, you can keep your family safe on the road by picking a safe, family-friendly vehicle. You should buy a car that offers safety, convenience, and comfort all at an amount you can afford. We have rounded up a list of automobiles with outstanding ratings for both amenities and safety.

5 Automobiles Rated Safest For Families With Children

Honda Accord: 

This four door Honda Accord Sedan with an optional Honda sensing package is highly convenient for varied family and cargo needs. The package given along with the vehicle includes adaptive cruise control and lane departure warnings. Integration of a split-folding rear seat makes it one of the safest versions for a family vehicle.

Hyundai Sonata: 

Remote keyless entry system along with a front passenger classification system for regulating airbag deployment equipped in Hyundai Sonata offer seamless safety and luxury to the families. The interiors are impressively spacious and great for growing families. There are other safety features included in the automobile as well like blind spot detection.

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Kia Optima: 

Back seats of this car are roomy and give you a feeling of a full-size sedan. There are other lower anchors and tethers which enable you to install car seat easily. The car is equipped with seven airbags, hill assist, and a backup camera to make commuting even safer.

Subaru Outback: 

If you need the maneuverability of a sedan and versatility of an SUV in one vehicle, Subaru Outback is the automobile you need for your family. You will get both stability and security with the standard all-wheel drive system of this vehicle. It offers almost 9 inches of ground clearance irrespective of the road conditions. This is an extremely appealing family vehicle because of its customizable cargo room and extensively reclining back seats.

Honda Odyssey: 

This vehicle has been awarded as one of the best minivans of the year because of its spacious third row. The car has plenty of legroom as well for added safety and convenience. You can install three child seats on the second row and drive comfortably. It has an outstanding and responsive steering control which makes driving safer.

The bottom line is that keeping your family safe is important and though buying the right vehicle gives you an extra peace of mind, a serious car collision is possible anywhere in Indiana because of someone else’s negligence and carelessness. Be sure to pick a car that is proven safe for both you and your children.

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