7 Things to Consider While Planning First Motorcycle Camping Trip

Going on camping or a road trip is an adventurous experience. You get to experience nature in a whole new way. Camping is, in fact, the number one preference for adventure seekers and explorers. When you choose solo motorcycle camping, the thrill increases. Just you and your motorcycle and the whole wide world spread out in front of you to enjoy. If you plan your trip right, your motorcycle camping experience would be the best trip that you can make. Do you know how to plan perfectly for your camping trip?

Here are seven things to consider while planning your first motorcycle camping trip –

  1. Choose a location which is not very far away

When riding on a motorcycle to reach a location, you should be careful in selecting the destination. The destination should not be very far from your home. If it is far, riding to the location would become tiresome. If you are tired from riding the bike to the destination, you wouldn’t enjoy camping with a relaxed attitude. This is true especially if you are a first timer.

  1. Make a list of essentials to take along

For camping, you would need all camping essentials, food and other provisions. So, always pen down everything required for the trip. Make a checklist to ensure that you pack all the essentials.

  1. Pack light

When you travel on a motorcycle you cannot afford to have too much luggage. Therefore, you should pack light. Only choose the essential things which would be required. As for your personal belongings and food, use a sturdy backpack to carry all your things. The backpack could be carried easily on a bike.

  1. Carry a medical kit

Don’t forget to carry a medical kit containing essential medical supplies for any possible medical emergency. Have mosquito repellents, painkillers, antiseptic lotions and liquids to make sure you can tend to even small cuts and bruises which you might face on your trip.

  1. Get your bike serviced before the trip

Regular servicing of the bike is essential to maintain your bike and also to prevent sudden breakdowns. Get your bike serviced before you embark on the trip. A serviced bike would be safer to be driven and would also not give you any trouble on your trip.

  1. Invest in bike insurance

Even when you take all safety tips when going on the trip, unforeseen contingencies might crop up unannounced. Having a bike insurance policy is a must to protect against these contingencies. Buy two-wheeler insurance policy and choose a comprehensive plan. A comprehensive bike insurance policy would cover not only any third party liability but also the damages suffered by your bike. If you have a policy, check whether the policy is active or is it lapsed. If it has lapsed, you should choose two wheeler insurance renewals online for quick renewals.

  1. Choose roadside assistance add-on

When you buy two wheeler insurance for your bike, choose roadside assistance add-on. Alternatively, in case of two wheeler insurance renewal online, opt for the add-on for a comprehensive coverage. On camping, if your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the insurance company would provide the much-needed assistance. This assistance would be a boon in a place where you don’t have access to a garage for repairs.

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So, while going on a motorcycle camping is a wonderful experience, make sure you consider these things. Plan your trip minutely and take care of all possible contingencies so that you can enjoy the trip without any hassles.

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