Auto Trip In Greece: Rental Rules, Tax, Car Insurance

The process of renting car in Greece is not strange or difficult. Nevertheless, there are many nuances you should learn before you start dealing. These simple rules can help to save your nervous and budget. You know, you can easily hire a car in Athens. It is better to learn useful experience for successful auto tripping.

Season Has Meaning: Book a Car Beforehand

Greece is a country of season tourism. The rental price for the same car is different in different season. It is 100% different! For example, the price for lovely compact car is 15-20 EUR in winter. The price for the same car in summer is 35-40 EUR per day. It means that hot season in Greece is summer. Of course, the most popular way to pay for rental services is internet. The most of rental car companies trade their services online. Be careful, the prices start growing since winter, culminating in summer.

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By the way, it is also not really important how much is your car in summer. It is difficult to find a good car in the hot season. As a rule, the most of them are already booked. Of course, you have a chance to find prestigious car. But prices are too high. As you know Greece is touristic country. Try to do everything not in time, but beforehand, months before your trip.

The Longer the Cheaper

The price for rental car follows the simple rule. If you are planned to hire a car for long, the price is going to be cheaper, which means: the longer the cheaper. Every next rental day is going to be cheaper and cheaper. The price is really different. So, it does not matter which way of booking car you choose. Try to stretch out the terms of rent to watch the price changes. By the way, booking car online, you may compare prices from different services to find the best price for you.

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There is a choice. You may hire a care from the local or international companies. Obviously, local companies have no websites. Their prices are higher. So, international companies are more attractive.

Never Take Car Floating

Frankly speaking, you may also need floating your car from one island to another during your trip. It is not a secret that Greece is a country of islands. There are many travellers, who want to take their renting car from Crete to Athens, for example. As a matter of fact, floating car is absolutely undefended measure. Instead of spending big money for transporting your car by ferry, it is better to hire a car in place. Of course, travelling from Athens to Corfu, it is better to take your car with you. The distance is long. It is not very comfortable to get there by bus or other public transport.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Never forget to find out what kind of insurance you have. As a rule, rental price includes car insurance. There are many kinds of safety packages in Greece. Their price differs from one another very much. Hiring car online, you do not think of car safety. You learn about it on place. It is a usual practice for online companies to camouflage the real price for car insurance to be cheaper and more attractive for client. As a matter of fact, the safety package you have cannot defray enough costs for car repair or trio cancellation.

Insurance Rules

Insurance is a hot topic for all tourists who wish to travel by car. Moreover, the insurance price is not fixed. It is changeable from season to season. To avoid unexpected costs and expenses, try to learn everything about available safety package for your car, including renting price, per cause franchise, taxes and risks. One day this information can save your budget.

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The main kinds of insurance are civil responsibility and fire accident insurance. There are main options that are included in your insurance package for sure. They are also appointed in your rental contract. Read it carefully! You may add something: TPC-Theft Protection Coverage to idemnify and save harmless in case when your car is stolen. There are many different kinds of safety points that you can ask to add to your contract.

Car accident

CDW means that you have to pay just franchise rent in case if your care is damaged. How much is it? The rent size makes a big influence on the price you pay. Super CDW: you have to make every day additional payments to reduce the franchise price. It is very pleasant addition, is not it? FDW: you do not have to spend time and nervous for your car safety. Ask whether your insurance price covers such car details as mirrors, antenna system or covers. If you want to float your car from island to island, it is better to discuss this moment beforehand.

At last, Greece is a country with high road traffic incidents level. So, be careful and watch the road. Never save money for your car insurance. Just choose it wisely.

Traffic Code

Low-beam is obligatory measure just under the condition of low visibility.

The kids under the age of 3 have to travel in the car just in the booster chairs. The kids under the age of 11 are prohibited to travel on forward seats. Safety belts are used for all car passengers.

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You may use car sign al just in case of accident.

It is prohibited to be on the phone using your hands.

No Parking sign

Speed limits: 50 kilometers per hour for populated places, 90 kilometers per hour for other territories. Highway limit is 130 kilometers per hour.

Make sure that your car is equipped with all necessary details, like medicine box, fire stopper, warning triangle.

Greece is a leading country in amounts of the road traffic accidents. Greek drivers do not like following road rules. Never do in the same way. Pay attention to the specific signs here and there: No parking on odd-numbered months or No parking on even months. It sounds surprising!

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