Driving Your Car Without An Insurance Is A Strict NO NO

Driving without an Insurance is not safe.People overlook buying a car insurance due to the tough economic times. In this post, we will give you reasons why driving without a car insurance is NOT a Good Idea.

Driving Your Car Without An Insurance Is A Strict NO NO

  • Driving Without it is Illegal– Let’s follow the rules, well driving without insurance isillegal. Not only because the police officers might check your documents and find out whether you have insurance or not, but if you meet with an accident, and you do not have car insurance it might end paying a hefty sum.Vehicle Accident: If you meet an accident while driving and in case it is not your fault, you might still have to pay for it as you do not have an insurance. One of the primary purposes of insurance is protection against unforeseen accidents. So, next time someone rams into your car do not think about whose fault it is, you might still have to pay for it.
  • Your license May Get Confiscated:If you do not possess a license, traffic police guy has all the right to cancel your license. You never know which day isn’t in your favor, buy an insurance and drive like a king.
  • Car Insurance Goes Beyond The Law: The purpose of buying Motor Insurance is not only limited to the law, it is mainly to protect you and your family. It is majorly about safeguarding your assets and also the property of others. Imagine you get into a bad accident and you and the other passengers have to stay in the hospital for quite some time, so your third-party motor insurance will take care of that.
  • Loss of Privileges and protection: if you are an uninsured driver you are liable for your own vehicle’s repairs or damages. You lose the benefit of getting paid for damages without insurance. Many of us forget driving is a privilege and not a right.
  • Last but certainly not the least: If you are caught driving without an insurance and any of the passengers whether in your car or in the other vehicles dies, you may face severe civil penalties and criminal penalties.
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Concluding, since the cost of insurance is high and driving without insurance is not safe, what do you do??? Well, you can educate yourself and look for the that car insurance quotes suit you. In fact, some of the car insurance plans in India come with good discount especially if you stick with the same company and renew your policy with them every year. All the above points very well say that motor insurance is a necessity in our country and to drive without it can cost you a lot. In fact, if you are a safe driver you might earn a lot of benefits from the insurance company in the years to come. Find out about the best plans, calculate the premium and choose wisely, not only the cheapest but the best.

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