Marketing Management: Marketing In Today’s World!

The Impact of Social Media

Advertising these days have gone “cyber”. Using social media for advertisements is the new “IT” thing. In today’s world, one sees an ad campaign or advertisement, first on any of your social media networks and later on TV, making social media a better option for reaching the greater audience in an effective way. The concept of going “viral” on the internet has also caught on in the recent years. Making a creative advertisement in this era and going viral online can do wonders for the company.

Several companies sell online client or member data to third parties which are later used for efficient and effective online advertising. Using these techniques, advertisers can target only those who are interested in the product or service and are in search of it, this form of targeted advertising can allow a highly efficient way of marketing your goods and services. This is one of the most effective ways of advertising and can increase the chances of growth and a positive outcome.

Marketing Management: Marketing In Today’s World!

10 Types of Social Media that can benefit your Business

  1. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  2. Media sharing networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube
  3. Discussion forums such as Reddit, Quora, Digg
  4. Bookmarking and content curation networks like Pinterest, Flipboard
  5. Consumer review networks like Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor
  6. Blogging and publishing networks like WordPress, Tumblr, Medium
  7. Social shopping networks like Polyvore, Etsy, Fancy
  8. Interest-based networks such as Goodreads, Houzz,
  9. ‘Sharing economy’ networks such as Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit
  10. Anonymous social networks like Whisper, Ask.FM, After School
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In Advertising Today, Creativity is the Key!

Importance of creativity in marketing is more important than ever before. Creativity lies in the mind of the creator, making it visible in your work to everyone is what actually matters. It is believed that being creative using universally accepted ideas of fun, adventure, interest and peace, something phenomenal can be created. Several humorous advertisements have been seen getting astoundingly viral in no time, having a great impact on the overall sales of the product or service.

There is a right time for everything

“In Today’s world timing is what matters the most” when drafting the basics of an advertising plan, one need to start taking into consideration the timings of its launch. The timing can be of various sorts:

  • Which quarter of the year
  • Which month
  • Which season
  • Around which event, occasion or festival
  • The number of times it will be played
  • The timings on the ad throughout the day
  • The total advertisement time of the TVC

Time can be defined in all the above ways and all the above need to be answered before starting to draft the plan as it changes the entire outlook of the campaign and has a great impact on the budget of the advertising plan. Some seasons and time slots require greater funding be the placement of the advertisement, which changes how the budget will be utilized on the rest of the components of the campaign.

Importance of Client and Company Connection and transparency in Advertising

In this particular time, client and company connection and transparency is a must, when creating an advertising plan for a company. Advertising company needs full disclosure on the financial condition of the firm, their advertising budget and their requirements in order to utilize that budget wisely and come up with something productive. The campaign that would be created should have a frequency that is well distributed to leave an overtime impact on the minds of the audience. Knowing the consumer base, market share and the ability of a service to be substituted are also some of the important things that need to be considered when utilizing an advertising budget for a strategic advertising plan.

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