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Pennsylvania Auto Insurance and the Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can be highly devastating. The primary aspect is the huge dent it will make on your hard-earned savings. Consider the amount you will have to spend to avail treatment and to repair the vehicle. Furthermore, think about the lost wages and other associated factors that can spell disaster.

In order to help you during such situations, the state government has made it mandatory to insure all automobiles. If in case an accident materializes, you can now rely on the auto insurance company to recompense all the expenditures. It, however, comes at a price, which you will be paying in the form of premiums.

In this brief section, I will outline the auto insurance rules that exist in Pennsylvania. Let me make this very clear to you – driving without valid auto insurance is a punishable offence in Pennsylvania. The authorities might come hard on you if you fail to produce the required documents.

Most of you might be eager to know about the minimum liability amounts mandated by the state. It happens to be 15/30/5 (injuries to the body/total number of injuries per accident/damages to the property). I must stress that these are just the minimal amounts, which you must consider while selecting an auto insurance coverage for your vehicle. As a rule of thumb, it is better to opt for insurance policies that exceed these figures.

If you are involved in an accident, you will not have to worry about the expenses because the auto insurance company would repay the other party. However, if you choose to stick with the minimum liability figures, you will have to shell out the remaining amount from your own pockets. Life can literally become a living hell during such times, especially if the other party seeks judicial assistance and files a lawsuit against you!

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Okay, what is in store for those who do not fulfill the minimum requirements cited by the state department of insurance? For starters, you will become poorer by $300. Yes, the officials will charge this amount, even for the first time offenders. The law also enables the state to suspend the driver’s license of the offender for a maximum of ninety days. There have been instances where the state suspended the vehicle’s registration for ninety days. Why take up such chances when you can easily opt for Pennsylvania auto insurance by paying nominal amounts?

Two regional offices have been set up to facilitate easy remedial measures to law-abiding citizens. At times, the auto insurance company might enforce mal practices and it is your responsibility to report them to the state authorities. You must bear in mind that this is a two-way lane; the insurance companies also have the provision to report the offenders to the state!

It is now easy to opt for suitable auto insurance coverage thanks to the advent of technology and the internet. Sign up with an insurance company and you make use your credit card to make the appropriate payments. The company would mail you all the relevant documents!

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