Rental Car Specific: Hot Question That Must Be Answered

Renting car is the most interesting topic for the most of travellers. What kind of car is better: mechanic or automatic transmission? Where is it better to learn the prices? What kind of insurance to buy? Is it possible to hire a car in one country and give it back in the other? So, you are going to Europe.

Let’s start from the very beginning. It is not a problem to hire a car. It often helps to save money for travelling and see as much attraction as you can. You can see more, travelling by car. The second important moment is price. The longer the rental term is, the cheaper the price will be. The prices you can take from the company websites. It is important to realize that the price for rental car consists of different points. Every car class has its own deposit – hundreds of dollars to stay on your account. You cannot use frozen money from your account for the period of rent. So, count, please: if the price for car rent is € 100, you must have about € 500 on your account.

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Why are the cars with the automatic transmission more expensive in prices than mechanic?

There is nothing strange. The situation is typical for all rental car agencies. The price for rent is made of the car price. So, the car with the automatic transmission is more expensive. If you want to save money, you should take mechanic. One more thing: if you want to take the car in the rental car office, never forget to ask about all available cars of the same class. You can find something special.

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What countries boast the cheapest rental prices?

The price for rent also depends on the season. So, the cheapest prices are waiting for you in the touristic regions. The cheapest prices you can meet in Europe and the USA. You can meet the USA Jeep car rental locations on every step. This sort of car is very popular here. If you want to hear the names of the car brands, you can read them from the travel websites. It is very expensive to hire the car in Portugal, Norway and Iceland.

What about the car insurance? Are there any recommendations?

If you want to know the answer about what to do with the car insurance, you have to take a look at your driving skills. Are you going to drive through the forests and mud? You can buy special kind of insurance from scratches and cracks – Glass & Tire Coverage. If not, you are going to drive safe. Again, if you are bad in parking and afraid of naughty drivers on the go, you may buy the full compensatory damage.

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Where can be the problem with the credit card?

It is impossible to hire the car if you don’t have the credit card. Deposit money is the obligatory condition for hiring as that money will be taken from your account if you do something wrong with the car. You cannot use MasterCard Maestro or Visa Electron. You must have at least Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard and higher. As a rule, the cards you need are ready in a couple of days. If your card is Gold, Platinum, you may have additional bonuses on your account.

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What is the right place to hire the car? Is there sense to hire a car in the airport?

This is another important question that you can easily put to the rental car specialists or travelling agencies. Of course, the price for rent is almost the same in the different platforms. Nevertheless, sometimes, the price for rent can be higher because of the additional expenses that the rental company usually takes (parking, territory access).

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Is it more useful to use rental car websites or mediators?

Of course, you can meet the most attractive prices from the mediator agencies. Their proposals are wide! There is a big plus from using mediators: you can learn the prices from the different web platforms and compare them all. There can be the problem with the car insurance. It is offered to be cheap, but it can happen that the insurance doesn’t work at all. Keep in mind that your deposit money from the card cannot be used until the process of investigation goes on.

There is another popular failure that is waiting for you. It can happen that you hire a car from the mediator website and cannot find the car you’ve paid for on the place. Of course, you are offered to hire the car of another type, but the price can be also higher. In short, never try to catch the cheapest variant. The rental mediators offer the cheapest prices. Nevertheless, you can have problems with their service. Thus, you can hire a car from the different point of Europe. Try to use only reliable services with the good feedbacks.

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What do you do with your car if you carelessly broke it? What to do then?

There is no special rule: just call for the police! You must always have the emergence phone number near at hand. You can also find it in the contract or car use recommendations. If you paid for the full car insurance, you can relax and never worry for your money. There is a way out: if your car insurance is ok, it takes you a couple of minutes to wait for the new car of the same rank.

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Additional information

There are many nuances that are characterized for one company and not typical for others. Everything is individual. Try to find out as more additional information as you can. For example, the most of companies ask to refuel a car before you drive it back. Never worry about the rental nuances but try to learn them all. If you were busy or inattentive to hear everything that was important, try to read the contract. As a rule, all additional conditions and specific features are appointed in the contract. Can you read?

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