Researchers Developing Devices That Charge With Human Motion

How nice the day will be when we don’t need to bother charging our cell phones. A new research says the day might not be far.

The Michigan State University researchers are learned working on a technology that will help to charge a mobile device with motion, one’s own motion.

Associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Michigan State University, Nelson Sepulveda, said the development is in advanced stage and soon the world will see wearable devices being powered by human motion.

However, claims apart, there’s always difference between the development and actual production and hence it is not very clear from the research team how soon such devices would hit the shelves.

Researchers Developing Devices That Charge With Human Motion

About the technology, the researchers said nanogenerator used in the device is built with a silicon wafer that is layered with silver films, polyimide and polypropylene ferroelectrics. Ions are thereafter added to provide each layer of the device with charged particles to help create electrical energy with motion.

As of now the researchers have been able to power an LCD touch screen, flexible keyboard and a bunch of 20 LED lights with the thin sheet of paper, nano generator.

The university researchers believe the device becomes more powerful if folded.

Sepulveda added, “Each time you fold it, you are increasing exponentially the amount of voltage you are creating.”

Further study and experiment is required as the device developed should be flexible and lightweight. It should be scalable and relatively inexpensive too.

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