Things To Consider Before Buying A Car – Know The Points Your Insurance Broker Won’t Tell You

Have you been lately thinking of buying yourself a car? If answered yes, then you should remember that apart from paying off the car loan amount and ensuring you have enough money left for repairs, tolls and gas, you will also need a chunk of money every year for car insurance premiums. When you approach a car insurance carrier, there are many things that affect your car policy and the premiums that you have to pay. If you’ve appointed an insurance broker, you can be sure that there will be few things that the broker won’t tell you for his benefit. What are they? Did he tell you that you need to compare cars from sites like so that you can get the best car which won’t be costly to insure? Perhaps he didn’t tell you that. So, here we compile a list of things that you should know before getting a car insurance policy.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Car – Know The Points Your Insurance Broker Won’t Tell You


  • Being a female, you may expect lower premium rates

Did you know that a 22 year old make driver will have to pay at least 22% more than a female of the same age? If you fast-forward 5 years down the line, the gap reduces down to 4%. Well, each of us loves to think that we drive better than what we actually are but the main fact is that men tend to be riskier than their women counterparts. Men speed easily, get involved in a DUI conviction and also get involved in catastrophic incidents. Hence, females get low premiums than men.

  • Being single, you’ll be subject to higher premiums

It has been seen on an average that an unmarried 20 year old person pays 22% more than someone who is married for the same policy. So, should you first consider your marriage goals before buying a car?

  • Make timely credit card payments to lower the rate

Did you max out your Visa card recently or skipped a few payments? If yes, you could again be in for some higher premium rates. This is a factor which most often is overlooked by people and this is your credit score. This 3-digit number is pretty important when it comes to deciding interest rates and premium rates. Hence, try your best to keep your credit score clean before approaching an insurance firm.

  • Your car has an influence of how much you have to pay on premiums

Insuring companies usually put a lot of stock on the vehicle that they’re covering. Hence it is not only about how safe the driver is but also about how safe the car is. How well does the car protect its occupants? If a car has got higher chances of inflicting damages, insurers may charge a higher amount for liability insurance. So, buy the right car after doing your research.

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Car insurance is an added cost which you have to bear when you buy a car. Therefore, take all the needed steps in order to lower the insurance premiums so that they don’t become a financial burden after few years.

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