Why It Makes Sense To Have Cat Insurance

Why It Makes Sense To Have Cat Insurance

Your pet cat obviously means the world to you, and if ever anything should happen, it is nice to know that your cat is covered by insurance. More and more pet owners are turning to insuring their cats and dogs, as the cost of treatment can be substantial. There is a range of packages to […]

Do You Need Heating and Ventilation Insurance

Do You Need Heating and Ventilation Insurance?

Outline of Insurances and the Services available Public/Products Liability Accidental bodily injury to any customer, third party and/or damage to property arising during the course of the company’s business up to a specified limit e.g. caused by heating and ventilation installations, use of tools and equipment. Employers Liability You are required to effect this cover […]

5 Insurance Coverages for Businesses

Regardless of the size of our business, we will need a reliable business insurance policy. There are different aspects of business that we will need to take into considerations, especially if we want to make sure that our business is able to run smoothly, regardless of unexpected situations. If we already have a business insurance […]